Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday update:

This has been a busy productive week!
Charleston Crew has been working all week on the floor upstairs and as of this afternoon it is almost done.  They ran out of flooring, so if we get some more it will be all done by Friday.  The new flooring has ALL been donated by Sam Brown and has been mixed in with the salvaged hardwood flooring that was original to the building.

I ordered wall studs from Dexter Lumber today and they delivered this morning.  I got a great price at Yoders too, but the delivery was worth it this time.  We are trying to buy all local and spread it around.  The local guys have been wonderful and supportive!!!

This wood is for putting up a wall around the office area and since we have the experienced free labor we must take advantage of it!
Ernest Rollins gave us 300 board feet of milled boards and delivered it for the walls today.  Thanks Ernest!!! Ernest runs Rollins Apple Farm in Garland.

I met with Keith & Andrew from Plymouth Engineering yesterday and they went all over our building, but focused on the "new wet" wall and how it is going to be fixed.  The good news is they don't think we will have to replace the whole wall, only 1/2.  The first part, where we are getting the splash back from the building next door, may be fixed by attaching metal to the outside of the wall.
The 2nd part of the wall, where the water is coming off the adjoining building's roof, into their wall and then into our wall, where it is joined, that is going to be moved in probably about a foot.  This will separate the 2 buildings for good.  Too bad that hadn't been done in the first place.  Live and learn....
A side note:  Keith Ewing went to school in Dexter as a kid!  Kinda kewl to have that local connection (a coincidence, but neat).

I want to also thank Rich Frank.  The past 2 days, Mr. Frank has met the crew in the morning with a box of donuts and then provided them with a hot lunch too!  Yesterday it was fried chicken and potato wedges and today he cooked a Beef Brisket and made sandwiches.  I think I need to be there at lunch time!!!!
Supervisor Neal Pinkerton said the guys are VERY happy!!!  Tomorrow Kay Gray is making them her famous Whoppie Pies... 

Thanks everyone who has been assisting and supporting our project!  
Next week I have a meeting with Quickbooks expert & teacher Cheryl Hajek.  She is going to go over my current Quickbooks entries and tweak it for me.  I (sorta) learned the difference between a Fixed Asset and an Expense the other day from her, now we need to apply it to Quickbooks.  She will be giving some classes, with the focus on agriculture, when we have our Conference Room done.  stay tuned...

That's it for now...  hear it is going to warm up next week and be in the 60's and maybe even hit 70!  Spring is coming!

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