Thursday, January 3, 2013

this week's updates

This weeks updates:
Hi all,
I was planning on a meeting tonight, but between the extreme cold and Board members with the flu,  Roger and I decided that it should wait.
BUT if anyone wants to stop in or call me for updates and decisions please please call me!!!!

If you are on Facebook I have consistently been adding updates and pictures plus adding picture to our online photo album.  All the links are below!

- Furnace work is going well now and may be going as soon as this Friday for parts of the building.  Mike from MAG is very thorough and likes to do things the 'right' way, not just the easy way.  He really wants to be able to put heat upstairs and said it will be about an extra $1000, but in the meantime is putting in the thermostat wire and piping upstairs so it can go in later.  It is pretty cold up there and not much heat comes up from downstairs, and will be even less when the fire doors go in.

- Electrical is coming along, but CMP has not come yet to switch over to the new panel so many things are not working yet or only partly working.  Greg has bugged them and they are supposed to be here this week (maybe even today).

- Drywall is mostly done, taped and mudded and primed.   Painting on those walls will begin very soon.  I am happy with how well Marie and her company has done on the joints and finishing off the drywall.  She has had a heck of a time to get it dry in between because the torpedo heat puts off so much moisture.  Jonathan keeps the torpedo heater going 24-7 and goes in at night and weekends filling it.  It has a thermostat on it, so it works fairly well even in this cold (downstairs)

- Hardwood for floors is in the kiln and should be ready in a few more weeks.  John from Yoders stopped in the other day to check on the building and talked with Jonathan.  The cedar we got there for the refrigeration wall is nice.  Jonathan does have to apply a fire protective coat; so I hope it doesn't change color much

- I heard back from John of Alpha Omega Masonry and his quote is below any others.  He met with me on Christmas Eve and Jonathan made himself available for any questions that John might have.  I am waiting on some pictures of more work similar to what our project is, but I liked him.  I also asked for some customer testimonials and telephone numbers to call and ask what they thought.  This is too big of a project to go with, without pictures and testimonials. This is the 3rd quote I needed for the Grant and it is the best one.

- Fred, Pat and I went to Tillsons yesterday and choose paint colors for the kitchen, sink room, ice cream room and upstairs hallway.  I have the chips at the office if you want to see them.  Darlene and I choose the first colors online, but when I went from one computer monitor to another they changed a lot.  So I took the floor tile and matched 'em up in person.

- Internet and telephone are both working now in the office.  I have a telephone set I took in for now and although we haven't published the number, there were a couple dozen phone messages that were telemarketers.  WHAT THE HECK? 

- Tentative Meeting with Keith and Jonathan tomorrow

- Thats is it for now, please call anytime or drop by!!!  We will shoot for a meeting next week when it warms up a little bit.  I know I forgot a lot, but you have to stop by and see all the work completed! 


-- Judy Wilbur Craig
Dexter Community Farm Project Coordinator
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