Sunday, March 4, 2012

Engineer has been chosen

The bids have come in for an Engineer Firm to redesign the leaky wall that adjoins the Dexter Cafe building (where the leaks originates) and the one winning the bid is Plymouth Engineering.
Roger and I both like the guys when they came by on Wednesday for the "Look See".
I have talked with Terry Ann Stevens at the CDBG office and she has given the go ahead to contact them, which I did.
Keith Ewing is my contact there, and he is hoping they can start in 3 weeks or less, knowing we are in a time crunch with the opening & planting season.

     The next steps are as follows: 

  •     Receive their plans in the next few weeks
  •     Give the plans to Jason Bird to put in the Bid Package for finishing the building
  •     Jason sends to Terry Ann (CDBG office) for approval
  •     Send RFPs out to the papers to advertise
  •     Holding a "Walk through" with bidders
  •     Pick contractors after bids have been submitted (about 3 weeks after advertised)
  •     Start the building process....
......Potentially we can start by mid to late April if all goes right!!!!!!!!

So we are off an running!!!

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