Sunday, December 5, 2010

No December meeting

We will NOT be having a Farm meeting in December with so much going on for the holidays. We will resume in January on the 4th.

The store is coming along and we can see progress now.  They put the new roof on this past week and are putting in the new windows.

The roof is the rubber membrane 'stuff'.  I will try and get pictures soon to show the progress.

The General Contractors will be done at the end of December (I think) and then we need to find money, supplies and such to work on the building.

Money just doesn't go very far these days, and as many of you are aware, the $280K only got us a foundation and the shell of the building.  New windows, siding, roof.

We still need to do electric, heat, plumbing, insulation, etc.  WE CAN DO IT!