Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DRDC; agenda for tonight

DRDC President Roger Brawn Opens meeting
Secretary Report:  Sandy
Treasurer Report:  Dave

President updates Roger Brawn

Dexter Community Project Building Updates:  (Roger & Judy)

Ø  2nd floor update; working with Charleston Correctional Crew
Ø  Leaky wall:  met with contractors & had site evaluation;  site inspection of Dexter Café’s leak; DRDC Board met to decide how to move forward; talk with CDBG Terry Ann Stevens on how to proceed;  met with Engineers on site; hired Engineer firm
Ø  Interview by Jeff Nichols of ME Rural Partners for their InspireME program (available online)
Ø  New blueprints printed at Central Maine Drafting & they scanned so that future prints for General Contractors who will bid in the near future.
Ø  Talked with DDATT to parallel our efforts in the community
Ø  Called Tri-County Tech Center for design, green technology, art department etc. to collaborate with students
Ø  Created new Newsletter format using MailChimp, updated website, blog, photo album & Facebook for seamless information and linked all to one another for easy access.

DCFP NEW BUSINESS, Ideas  and To Do List:
Ø  Chair lift donated by Frank Spizuoco of Maine Military Supply
         - we will need to pay for installation cost
Ø  Create a “New” farmer survey to distribute again.  The last was 2 ½ years ago and distribute via online, newspapers, local businesses.
Ø  Identify farms who want to participate at opening
Ø  Creating a Bulk Distribution List for wholesale sales ie: schools, restaurants, institutions 
Ø  Sebasticook Valley Chamber of Commerce Biz Show in May 5th (do we want to have a table?)... if so, volunteers?
Ø  Work bee office area cleaning & setting up (Thursday is supposed to be warm)
Ø  Source Wood for wall dividing office & conference room area
Ø  Lights & ideas:  Work Bee making lights (have examples)
Ø  Investigate licensing & permits needed for opening
Ø  Find funding for startup costs:  goods, personnel, etc.

General Discussion  /  Q & A

Bid Information (sent to Directors)
The bids have come in for an Engineer Firm to redesign the leaky wall and the only one that come for a walk thru was Plymouth Engineering.
Roger and I both like the guys when they came by on Wednesday for the "Look See".
I have talked with Terry Ann Stevens at the CDBG office and she has given the go ahead to contact them, which I did.
Keith Ewing is my contact there, and he is hoping they can start in 3 weeks or less, knowing we are in a time crunch with the opening & planting season.

I have attached the bid for the proposed redesign (which Terry Ann said was very reasonable).  I got one estimate that it would be $7000 at the very least.  wow!
The next steps are as follows: 
  •     Receive their bid
  •     Give to Jason to put in the Bid Package for finishing the building
  •     Jason sends to Terry Ann for approval
  •     Send out to papers
  •     Walk through with bidders
  •     Pick contractors
  •     Start the building process....
......Potentially we can start by mid to late April if all goes right!!!!!!!!
So we are off an running!!!

Other updates
Today I got an email from Karen L. Walsh, Instructor of the Graphic Design & Communications at Tri-County Technical Center.  I am meeting her and some students at the store tomorrow for them to take measurements of the store windows and they are going to start “creating”.

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