Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Update

The Charleston Correctional Crew started to lay the recycled hardwood floor today upstairs.  We are using the hardwood that was pulled up from the original floor and adding in the new hardwood that was milled and donated by Sam Brown.  I told them they could design the floor the way they wanted, just use your creativity.  As you can see they are using both.  When it gets sanded and finished it will look awesome and be a one of a kind.

The guys started on the office side (towards Main Street side) and are doing as much as they can during the last 2 days of working at the Fossa Store.

They are a hard working bunch of guys and kuddos to Supervisor Neal Pinkerton! 
I am so impressed with their work ethic and their respect they have shown me.
Boy am I going to missed them.

Thanks to all the farm friends who baked homemade sweets, oreos, coffee maker, etc. for the workers.  They appreciate it so much.  Kay Gray, Ray & Julie Belanger, Sandy Daigle, Tammy Lockhart all contributed to the "food/coffee" duty.  
I went and bought more coffee supplies today and added a little Christmas cheer with candy canes & hard candy.  Hope they like it!

Friday, December 16th is their last day, but they have done a lot in 7 days!!!

N. Pinkerton told me today that if the Charleston Crew has a day here or there this winter, they will call and work some more on the floor!
Love those guys....

On another note:  
I am meeting with the original General Contractor and the roofing sub contractor on Friday to figure out the leaking problem!
It rained today so they will see all the problems.  I did take pictures for them to see, but there isn't as much water as last weeks storm on the floor and on the walls.

Check out today's pictures...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Update

The Charleston crew is continuing to work on the 2nd floor (floor) and doing a great job. To date, they have about 2/3 of the main floor torn up and sub-floor laid.  I just ordered 13 more sheets of CDX and another box of nails from Tillsons (who deliver to the door!).
I also put a couple nail guns on reserve from the Rental Center at Tillsons for the middle of the week for them.  They are going to be at the Fossa Store all week!  YEAH!
Anyone want to bake some cookies or brownies for the guys this week?  Give me a call if anyone has time.  They really appreciate it!!!
Also looking for a couple of those coffee vacuum bottles so I can make them coffee; or does anyone have an extra coffee maker?  I just asked Neal if they could have coffee and he thought it was a great idea.  Because of budget cuts, they don't get coffee at Charleston Correctional.  
 It is very cold in that building with no heat.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday update

Charleston crew moving right along today!

Nice bunch of guys; 5 workers and Neal the supervisor. They gave me the 'shopping list' this morning and off to see Louie at Dexter Lumber to fill their order. Shovel, rock salt (for sidewalk), 6 x 6's, 200 board feet of pine, nails, etc.

On my way back, stopped and picked up a dozen donuts from the Bakery; gotta keep the guys happy :) They all thanked me a couple times each...

They will be back next week too and will starting to lay the hardwood flooring, piecemeal style, but it will be nice. (using what we recycled and some donated from Sam Brown).

Anyone else have any extra hardwood flooring they are not using? Give me a call! thanks

Went to the bank today to get some names changed on the account, but no, still don't have the right paperwork... geesh

Picked up a light book at Tillsons to find ideas for fixtures for the store.

Busy day...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Update

 Hi Farmers and friends,
Great week so far despite winter weather creeping in.
As I had mention earlier this week, Charleston Correction crew was coming next Monday, BUT I received a call Wednesday from SAm and he asked if it was alright if they started sooner?  Guess what I said???
So here goes... 
Met with the Charleston Correctional crew this morning at the Fossa Store.  I got there at 8 am with Tim Breen and they finally arrived at 9 am.  Darn slippery weather slowed them up a bit, but once there, the guys attacked the 1st floor ceiling for the "open ceiling" look taking out the nails quickly, while I was upstairs with Supervisor Neal.  Tim & I explained what needed to be done and Neal saw no problem!

They bring their own tools but I order 15 more sheets of 1/2 CDX plywood and a box of nails which Tillsons delivered right to the door!  Yeah for shopping local....  (for those of you wondering, the 2nd floor is being paid for by DRDC money and volunteers.)  We will be moving the office furniture upstairs after it is done to make room for the downstairs work.

This afternoon the 5 man team tackled the 2nd floor "office/conference room" space and they are ripping up the old flooring down to the bare old boards and are laying the CDX subfloor over that.  Remember, there were multiple layers of floors up there of all different materials.
Neil called later this afternoon with some questions and then told me they could work for the next week or so! WOW... and I thought we only had one day  of work...  So, after consulting with Dave P. and Roger B we are going to have them keep working on the floor laying down the hardwood flooring re-cylcing what Tim salvaged and bring in what Sam Brown donated (If i can get hold of him... Sam, give me a call?)
Yippee Skippee! What a great program Charleston Correctional has to help non profits. They do a great job too and are very cheery :)  I am a happy camper.....

On another "sad" note, I did find bigger leak from the roof where the 2 buildings are attached AND on the other side where the delivery door & ice cream window is.  Wet spots on the floor.  NOT GOOD... the water is also in the basement which I assume is from the leak upstairs going down thru the wall.  (good thing we don't have insulation and wall board done...)

I called Steve Wood our previous contractor, this morning when I found the leaks.  If you remember I called a few months ago and they sent the subcontractor who did the roof last winter and thought they had it fixed.  WRONG...  I called again this afternoon and left another message, but hopefully they call back tomorrow.   I will keep you informed
Good thing we didn't get the walls put in yet or we would of been in a big heap of ............

I talked with Jason B. today and I promised to have the last 2 material information things he needs to send out the RFP's;  we made a deal that it is going to be out by the end of the year... only a few weeks away!

Well, that is it for now, but just wanted to keep you informed on the building status and the good news...  If you have any questions please call me.
Stay warm,
Judy Wilbur Craig
Dexter Community Farm Project Coordinator

Wednesday update:

yeah! Charleston Correctional, who were coming next monday to do our 2nd story floor at the Fossa Store is coming tomorrow!!! they had an unexpected opening...
Ripping up the old hardwood uneven, different level old floor and vacuuming it generations of dirt and laying down 1/2 inch sub-floor. 
I am psyched! Then we can move our office furniture upstairs and start working on the downstairs...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December update

Greetings farmers and friends,

We will not be having a meeting tonight after consulting with Chair and Vice Chair Brawn and Pearson.  Yes, things are moving along, but nothing pressing.  December is a busy month!

Next Monday, the Charleston Correctional Crew will be working on the 2nd floor and hopefully we will be able to get the furniture upstairs after the subfloor is down.
I only have 2 more things to get to Jason and he will be finalizing the RFP's to finish  the inside.  I will have done this week!!!

I am working with a group from Maine Rural Partners and will serve on the Winter Marketing Leadership Group representing the farmers and our store in this area. 
They wrote and received a grant that is going to:
The project goals are to:
1. Strengthen the connections and experience among growers, local and healthy food
advocates, institutions, crop advisers, business planners and lenders to grow year round
local food systems.
2. Couple smart energy season extension practices with market development, business
planning, financing and crop insurance strategies to manage risk.
3. Provide quality outreach and education using cutting‐edge season extension risk
management tools to Maine’s limited resource, underserved and socially disadvantaged
specialty crop producers.
4. Bring institutional food buyers and underserved growers together to understand one
another’s needs and create a plan for contracted purchasing.
5. Understand, document and share what works.

As a result we will:
1. Create a Guide to Winter Farmers’ Markets.
2. Develop the foundation for local sourcing of food at RSU#10 and St. Mary’s Hospital in
Lewiston, with a focus on building markets for Somali New American farmers.
3. Broadcast the program service opportunity across all outreach channels to reach all
4,000 specialty crop producers, and at least 255 will be served through workshops.
4. Meet with at least 15 underserved farmers to help these growers assess winter market
risks and decide whether or not to move forward with a business plan.
5. Create 10 viable season extension business plans that include energy management
provisions and a winter marketing strategy.
6. Position at least 6 underserved growers to enter the 2012–13 winter market who agree
to share results and lessons learned.

We will have a more detailed flyer to send out by the end of the week or so but in the meantime call me if you have questions or check out the online survey and fill out if you would like!!!
The survey  is on survey monkey

On a side note: My friend & long time DRDC Board member Darlene Bagley,  husband is in the hospital and will be having "both" feet removed probably this week due to complications from diabetes.  Greg had a kidney transplant a few years back and they are holding off on the life saving surgery until the kidney is free of infection.  I am going to Bangor with Darlene today to meet with doctors, so I will not be available today for calls.  Please keep Darlene and Greg in your thoughts and prayers and they brave thru this process.  Thanks so much...

I will be back in the office tomorrow.
Judy Wilbur Craig
Dexter Community Farm Project Coordinator