Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Update

The Charleston Correctional Crew started to lay the recycled hardwood floor today upstairs.  We are using the hardwood that was pulled up from the original floor and adding in the new hardwood that was milled and donated by Sam Brown.  I told them they could design the floor the way they wanted, just use your creativity.  As you can see they are using both.  When it gets sanded and finished it will look awesome and be a one of a kind.

The guys started on the office side (towards Main Street side) and are doing as much as they can during the last 2 days of working at the Fossa Store.

They are a hard working bunch of guys and kuddos to Supervisor Neal Pinkerton! 
I am so impressed with their work ethic and their respect they have shown me.
Boy am I going to missed them.

Thanks to all the farm friends who baked homemade sweets, oreos, coffee maker, etc. for the workers.  They appreciate it so much.  Kay Gray, Ray & Julie Belanger, Sandy Daigle, Tammy Lockhart all contributed to the "food/coffee" duty.  
I went and bought more coffee supplies today and added a little Christmas cheer with candy canes & hard candy.  Hope they like it!

Friday, December 16th is their last day, but they have done a lot in 7 days!!!

N. Pinkerton told me today that if the Charleston Crew has a day here or there this winter, they will call and work some more on the floor!
Love those guys....

On another note:  
I am meeting with the original General Contractor and the roofing sub contractor on Friday to figure out the leaking problem!
It rained today so they will see all the problems.  I did take pictures for them to see, but there isn't as much water as last weeks storm on the floor and on the walls.

Check out today's pictures...

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