Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Update

 Hi Farmers and friends,
Great week so far despite winter weather creeping in.
As I had mention earlier this week, Charleston Correction crew was coming next Monday, BUT I received a call Wednesday from SAm and he asked if it was alright if they started sooner?  Guess what I said???
So here goes... 
Met with the Charleston Correctional crew this morning at the Fossa Store.  I got there at 8 am with Tim Breen and they finally arrived at 9 am.  Darn slippery weather slowed them up a bit, but once there, the guys attacked the 1st floor ceiling for the "open ceiling" look taking out the nails quickly, while I was upstairs with Supervisor Neal.  Tim & I explained what needed to be done and Neal saw no problem!

They bring their own tools but I order 15 more sheets of 1/2 CDX plywood and a box of nails which Tillsons delivered right to the door!  Yeah for shopping local....  (for those of you wondering, the 2nd floor is being paid for by DRDC money and volunteers.)  We will be moving the office furniture upstairs after it is done to make room for the downstairs work.

This afternoon the 5 man team tackled the 2nd floor "office/conference room" space and they are ripping up the old flooring down to the bare old boards and are laying the CDX subfloor over that.  Remember, there were multiple layers of floors up there of all different materials.
Neil called later this afternoon with some questions and then told me they could work for the next week or so! WOW... and I thought we only had one day  of work...  So, after consulting with Dave P. and Roger B we are going to have them keep working on the floor laying down the hardwood flooring re-cylcing what Tim salvaged and bring in what Sam Brown donated (If i can get hold of him... Sam, give me a call?)
Yippee Skippee! What a great program Charleston Correctional has to help non profits. They do a great job too and are very cheery :)  I am a happy camper.....

On another "sad" note, I did find bigger leak from the roof where the 2 buildings are attached AND on the other side where the delivery door & ice cream window is.  Wet spots on the floor.  NOT GOOD... the water is also in the basement which I assume is from the leak upstairs going down thru the wall.  (good thing we don't have insulation and wall board done...)

I called Steve Wood our previous contractor, this morning when I found the leaks.  If you remember I called a few months ago and they sent the subcontractor who did the roof last winter and thought they had it fixed.  WRONG...  I called again this afternoon and left another message, but hopefully they call back tomorrow.   I will keep you informed
Good thing we didn't get the walls put in yet or we would of been in a big heap of ............

I talked with Jason B. today and I promised to have the last 2 material information things he needs to send out the RFP's;  we made a deal that it is going to be out by the end of the year... only a few weeks away!

Well, that is it for now, but just wanted to keep you informed on the building status and the good news...  If you have any questions please call me.
Stay warm,
Judy Wilbur Craig
Dexter Community Farm Project Coordinator

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