Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday update

Charleston crew moving right along today!

Nice bunch of guys; 5 workers and Neal the supervisor. They gave me the 'shopping list' this morning and off to see Louie at Dexter Lumber to fill their order. Shovel, rock salt (for sidewalk), 6 x 6's, 200 board feet of pine, nails, etc.

On my way back, stopped and picked up a dozen donuts from the Bakery; gotta keep the guys happy :) They all thanked me a couple times each...

They will be back next week too and will starting to lay the hardwood flooring, piecemeal style, but it will be nice. (using what we recycled and some donated from Sam Brown).

Anyone else have any extra hardwood flooring they are not using? Give me a call! thanks

Went to the bank today to get some names changed on the account, but no, still don't have the right paperwork... geesh

Picked up a light book at Tillsons to find ideas for fixtures for the store.

Busy day...

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