Friday, December 7, 2012

Update: Thursday, December 6th

Thursday update:  Finally got a date for our internet hookup at the Store. (they lost my order from Nov 20th) but found it again. ... and 3 phone calls later "Janet" gave me a date of December 13th for outside hookup.
Casey Macomber, Jonathan Wilbur, Greg Macomber

Cross your fingers, hold your breath and pray to the internet/phone gods that it comes to pass................. It is hard to work in an office without internet access ;)

BUT Fairpoint does have a great deal right now for businesses, $30.49 month for both phone & internet access for 2 years, IF you can get 'em to get it done...
Installation date is now December 13th!!!

 Hardwood flooring, 5" ash is ordered from Yoders and the 1 x 8 ship lapped wall board is ordered, also from Yoders. 

Tile from Harmony Decor is ready to be ordered and is all is on budget.

Door is installed in the office upstairs (by DRDC board director Tim Breen).
Was pleased to find (real) lights working upstairs when I got there today!  We won't be running all those extension cords for lights in the very near future or fumbling around in the dark to get in and out of the upstairs~
Thanks Seamans Electric!!!  AND CMP is coming to make our new electric panel LIVE!  

More sheet rock is hung by our contractor, Jonathan Wilbur and he cleaned up the work site again which is a constant battle; they are doing a great job!

Heating system is being delivered tomorrow and more electrical tomorrow.

Kitchen ceiling sub contractor stopped by to access the situation is coming back tomorrow for measurements. Won't be installed for a few weeks.

Oh and got the printer/scanner that Fred Donovan donated hooked up and running.  That is a BIG thing, I wont have to run home and do it and run back again :)

Good day and very productive!!!

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