Friday, December 7, 2012

Recent updates: December 1st

Friday, December 1st update:

-- Furnace and all the stuff that goes with it being delivered Monday and should be done in a couple weeks.
-- Spray Foam (if delivered to sprayer) going in Monday - all 3 floors where intended
-- Insulation in Kitchen installing Monday Dec 10th (so electricians can finish 1st)
-- spraying of open ceilings in the next week or so
-- LOTS more for me to do but I won't bore you with that
.. for pictures taken today: (kinda boring but not to me :)

Darlene and I found the "perfect" tile for the kitchen tonight at Harmony Decor from Bonnie in Corinna!!! It was what was in my head, but have not found it yet. She pulled a sample out of a box while on the phone with the distributor and I kept saying that is the one, that is it!!!! AND it is on sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perfect! It is a rough surface 16" tile that is slate color, with hues of rust, creams, even subtle greens, but looks like a slice of a rock! Perfect!

Last week, up on the recommendation of DRDC Board of Director Ernest Rollins, I took my camera and photographed all the electric wire, boxes, etc that has been run & installed BEFORE the spray foam insulation was done and walls put up!  Brilliant!!!  So I did all 3 floors and will have the record for the future if ever needed to know how to locate something....

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