Sunday, December 16, 2012

Friday updates:

upstairs is cleaned!
If you were wondering, dinner today for the Charleston crew and us, was Pizza Hut Pizza that Rich went and got in Newport.
Today is the last day that the crew is working for awhile and 3 guys came today in addition to Ron the Supervisor... 
They got a lot of odds and ends done that needed to be done. 

-- Scraped all the studs that had foam insulation on them upstairs. 
-- Moved and organized all the wood upstairs we had left from various projects and will use for other things, but now we know what we have.
-- Swept all the floors; clean all the garage and bagged it ready for the dump
-- Carried a bunch of heavy blackboards from 1st floor to 2nd floor
-- helped Jonathan Wilbur downstairs
-- cleaned the sidewalk of ice, the best it could be..... All in 4 hours!!! They do a GREAT job!!!

Thanks Sam at Fairpoint for the great!

Yippe Doodle!

Before purchasing new, I thought I would check with our FB friends, looking for kitchen equipment for the Fossa General Store. We are NOT going to be a restaurant, but we will be cooking/baking to sell in the store as well as hold classes for all ages. We will also be renting the Certified Commercial Kitchen out to farmers who don't want or can't invest in a $30+ kitchen.

Some of the needs:
Kitchen Aide mixer (doesn't have to be new, but working)
commercial pots and pans & racks... 
2 bay, 3 bay sinks, hand sink, utility sink and even a toilet...
-- or if you have something you think we might need, let me know.

I have priced out new for all of the these, but maybe someone has a deal and we can buy local or even donations are accepted :)

All the money saved on these types of items, means more buying power for the big items.

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