Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monthly Meeting tonight: Agenda

Monthly Meeting tonight, Tuesday Sept 7th at 7 pm, town council chambers....
Many things to talk about tonight.

1) Volunteers? Need help to get “tin panels” to Mike Wallace at Dexter Sandblasting who is restoring them

1) Opening of Contractor bids: August 17th

2) Contractor winner wasn’t official under Roger Brawn, Dave Pearson and I went to DECD office in Augusta on Sept 2nd to sign the appropriate paper work with Terry Ann Stevens.

3) Roger is going to speak about the bid procedure and how it works with DECD and our roles. (chain of command)

4) The contractor chosen is S. J. Wood Construction Co. of Winthrop. They are going to start as soon as the end of this week or beginning of next week. We will talk about the scope of work tonight.

5) Great article in the July Up North Magazine written by Fran Emmons about 3 or our farmers and the Farm Project. I will have some copies for you to browse through. It featured Sherburne Farm, Leaves & Blooms & Midsummer Night’s Meadow Farm and a little about our project

6) Sheila Grant wrote another article in the SV Weekly... link http://www.downtowndexter.com/news/070810.html

7) Sue Watson talking about pertinent upcoming farm workshops

8) whats next? Idea and suggestions!

7) General Discussion AND Q & A

Next meeting: October 5th at 7 PM

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