Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Construction has begun!

Roger Brawn, DRDC President, Dave Pearson, DRDC VP and I went to DECD in Augusta on September 3rd to sign all the paperwork with S. J. Wood Construction Co., Inc. of Winthrop.
We were surprised, but happy to see them at work the following week and demo'ing!
We have been told that S. J. Wood plans on using many "local" contractors for sub work, which is great for our local economy. Matt McKusick Construction is digging currently on site.
I was on the job site yesterday and found the guys all looking down into the hole (which is going to be our foundation).
There is a huge pipe that is an old drainage pipe from back in the 1800's because it was put in before the building was built. It runs in from Grove Street, straight thru our building and down thru the municipal parking lot. (who knew?)
They called in Mike Delaware from Highway Dept. and because it is a town pipe, they ordered one from out of state and it should be here later this week.
Check out the pictures to see what is happening.
Jason and I are working on Grants tomorrow to try and find more money for the 'inside' construction.
Unfortunately our 1st CDBG Grant of $230K plus our $50K match is only going to do the foundation, windows and outside of structure (including the siding).
Discouraging I know, but WE CAN DO IT folks!

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