Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Email and blog post

Hi all:
I am sending this along for Jason who will be talking to you at the next meeting for this big grant.
The next meeting is October 5th at 7 PM at the Town Council Chambers and we REALLY need you to come and give your input to Jason.

Construction began last week on the Fossa Store and as of yesterday, the footings were put in on the back part of the building. Please check the blog for more details and picture link. I am trying to get pictures and updates regularly now that the project has begun, so bookmark the blog and check in frequently.

Call me anytime for more information. FYI: I will be gone next week from Tuesday thru Sunday for my daughter's wedding on Peakes Island in Portland.

Below is the info from Jason on the Community Food Projects Competitive Grants Program....


As we discussed, there is a great funding opportunity that has come up that would provide support for the store to get up and running. However, I will need some help in pulling together all of the information and building community support. So, I need to pull in the troops so that we don't miss out on this opportunity.

If you could, please pass this on to the group. I Also, need to ask to monopolize the agenda for the next meeting on the 5th (I believe) in order to brainstorm our proposal with the group, and to get some help pulling everything together.

Here is some information about the grant:

Up to $125,000 a year for a $300,000 total award

A 1 to 1 match is required (cash or in-kind)

Eligible expenses can be operating costs such as labor, utilities, and maybe working capital

Here is the link to the full program description.

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