Monday, April 26, 2010

April 8, 2010 meeting notice

We will be holding a special meeting for a variety of reasons on Tuesday, April 20th, one of which is a Public Hearing starting at 6:30 pm (text to follow)

The Dexter Regional Development Corporation intends to file an application for federal assistance with the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development.
This assistance is needed for the purpose of financing the build out of the commercial kitchen and equipment for the year round farmer's market that will be created in the Fossa Building in Dexter.
Any interested party may attend an informational meeting at the Town of Dexter Council Chambers at 23 Main Street, Dexter Maine 04930 At 6:30pm on April 20th

We will follow the Public Hearing with a regular Farmers meeting to discuss the work that we are doing with our Architects QA13 and the progress they are making, the heating system, and the upcoming "volunteer work days" we need to get started ASAP and many other details.

I want to give a shout out to a lot of GREAT businesses in the Dexter area that are giving us their expert advice on everything from heating systems, wood products, siding, flooring, environmental issues and more AND they expect nothing in return! They realize with our particular grant that things have to go out to bid and it will be up the the General Contractor to choose companies in most cases.
But I would like to thank them for their advice on quality, pricing and practicality in the commercial space are Steve Wintle on environmental and heating systems, Louis at Dexter Lumber, Matt Scott of Dave's World, the AE Robinson guys, Jay Bradley, George McCourt, Tillson True Value, John Higgins at Yoder Lumber, Kris Kowel and so many more. Many have offered FREE services or "at cost" because they believe in our project!!!
I think I can speak for Roger Brawn and myself, we are learning a lot about a lot of things in a short few months and in many meetings. AND we appreciate all those people and more for their time in providing us with knowledge.

I also have been working with Insurance Companies (4 in total) to get Builders Risk Insurance & Liability. (How confusing it is!) Roger and I are meeting with some this coming week. I need help on this one... who know insurance could be so confusing and so expensive!!!

The Environmental Abatements (the asbestos pipes in the basement & the lead paint in the ceiling tile) have been completed. We also had to have the water & power turned on.

I hope you can come to the meeting this coming Tuesday & we will get you all caught up on the news and set up a few work days at the Fossa General Store. These need to be done before the General Contractor starts. The RFP for the GC will be going out, I expect, in the next few weeks.

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call.... and hope to see you soon...

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