Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1st day journaling

Hi all,
I thought I might be able to keep track of what I am doing each day for the Farm Project on a blog and at the same time let you know what is going on.
Let's see how it goes and if I can stick with it :)

First off today:
Farmer Fred Sherburne, DRDC President Roger Brawn, David Pearson and I (Executive Director Judy Wilbur Craig) met in Dave's office to go over some ideas we want to discuss with QA13 Architects Paula & Ken.
We have been talking for almost a year since we started the Dexter Community Farm Project, that we wanted to go as "GREEN" as we could with the building. Some things are just not possible because of location, lack of space, etc. but others may be doable.
Fred is looking in pellet heating right now vs. LP gas and/or oil. We are looking at both operating costs as well as efficiency of both the workers and the overall heat.

We also met with Steve Wintle (our environmental guy), who met with environmental contractors during the PreBid today & will again tomorrow. The bids should be awarded Friday and the environmental issues will be done hopefully by March 31st.

The volunteers will be able to work around April and the RFP will be going out near the end of April for the General Contractor.

This afternoon I am working with the 3 local insurance agencies on "builders risk" insurance. Hopefully I have that name right. Anywho........ I should have the quotes soon.

What else can happen today?
Please feel free to make comments or suggestions on the blog.

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