Thursday, April 29, 2010

Generous offers

This week Tina Belair of Darby Creek ( messaged me to say she has a display case, steam table and proofing racks that we may be interest in. Yipee!!!
AND Pam Fyrberg of offered her help in any print needs we may have.
It is so gratifying to have local businesses support our efforts for the Fossa General Store.
This afternoon talked with 2 of our interested farmers.
Gail from Leaves & Blooms in Dover-Foxcroft who has fresh veggies and baked goods for sale at her place on Rt 23.
New caller, Marie Kirven of Sweet Dreams Food & Farm in St. Albans. She is growing lavender, herbs, eggs, baked goods, jams, teas, and more. Can't wait to visit her place soon, but she is going to try and come to our meeting next Tuesday, May 4th!

FARMERS: If you haven't already, would you mind making out a survey for us? Your information will remain anonymous if you want.
You can find the survey at Dexter Farm Project website. Just fill out and send to Judy. Address is on the survey. This info will help us in knowing what we will have to offer our future customers.
thanks.... jc

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