Tuesday, February 28, 2012

other updates this week...

The Charleston Correctional Crew is back working this week on our new hardwood floor on the 2nd floor using recycled hardwood from the building along with native hardwood flooring, cut and donated by Sam Brown.  They are doing a great job!
Dave Pearson (our DRDC VP) went and got another load of flooring from Sam today to keep the guys working through the end of the week!

I want to thank Prez Roger Brawn for all his work too... He opens and closes the Fossa building most days for the crew and runs tools back and forth to Tillsons.  Plus, he has to listen to me complain, get excited, just vent and keep me calm :)

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 29, Jeff Nichols from Maine Rural Partners is coming to interview me, farmer & DRDC Board member Ernest Rollins and some of the Charleston guys for a video & info on their website.
I will let you know later where it will be, but it is for their InspireME feature.

Tomorrow afternoon, one of the engineer firms made an appointment to see the Fossa Store to put in a bid for the "bad" wall that is leaking to be added to the RFP going out later in March for a General Contrator(s) to finish the inside.

I am getting excited again so see our project moving forward again.  This take 2 steps forward and 1 back is getting very old!  
I really hope for a summer opening!!!!

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