Tuesday, July 5, 2011

reschedule tonight's meeting & stuff

Hi Farmers and friends,
After talking with Roger, we decided it would be best to reschedule tonight's meeting to next Tuesday at 7 pm. We hope you had a great holiday weekend and many are still on vacation or farming.

We are still waiting word on the CDBG Grant status and when we can send out the bid packages to the media.

We are also working on who, what, when we can tear up the 2nd floor and lay down a sub-floor. We need some good carpenters to tear up the current layers of floor. Any volunteers? Call me please!!!

I have been working with Bonnie at Harmony Decor of Corinna measuring and getting ideas for the flooring. She did all the work for free :) And also Electrician Steve Herring has offered to put in a few outlets and electric lines on the 1st and 2nd floor for free (we buy the supplies) before the project gets underway.
FYI: These people know they have to "bid" on the jobs if they want them.

Dave, Jason and I went up to the old school and found some office equipment for our office, a big table and chairs for the conference area upstairs and some shelving for downstairs. We can get this stuff because we are a non profit organization. If you can help move this to our building, we need some pickups and a trailer, call me... Dave & Roger have volunteered but need a few more helpers.

Fred Sherburne & Jim from Heart of Maine went a got an almost brand new (3) door Freezer and a (3) door Refrigerator a couple weeks ago that has been used by the Maranacook Buying Club. Also some coolers and sidewalk signs.

Tim Breen put screening around the front of the deck (donated by Fred) and then it was filled in with large rocks and then smaller rocks so that there is no drop off anymore. Looks great!

Darlene and I put planters on the deck a few weeks ago, (with sunflowers in them of course). They were donated by Snap of the Dragon Nursery in Corinna.

I talked with Dusty Dowse, the Bread King, and he has offered his knowledge on putting in a wood fired oven (potentially), as well as helping with some classes and acting as an advisor. Dusty is associated with the Kneading Conference & Bread Fair in Skowhegan and is a great resource. He has also invited me over to his house as he fires up his own oven and bakes bread, pizza, etc. Can't wait to learn.

I called the previous contractor on some of the issues with the outside of the building. Randy came up and a lot of those issues fixed, (door locking properly, trim work fixed, etc), but they are contacting the siding manufacturer about the siding issue. It may be just the nature of the beast.

RAFFLE TICKETS: how are people coming on selling Raffle Tickets? Any volunteers to sell at the store or in front of Buds? we need to sell a lot more to help us with our project!!!

I need help, so if anyone can help, please let me know. The Raffle is on July 24th with live entertainment.

That's it for now. I am sure I have forgotten a bunch of stuff, but hope that helps keep you up to date. LOTS of to and so little time :)

Have a great day and stay cool...

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