Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DDATT sponsoring monthly free movie

Dexter Dover Area Towns in Transition (DDATT) is sponsoring another of its monthly free movies, this time on Friday August 5th at 7 PM at the Abbott Library in Dexter.
The film "Economics of Happiness" explores how the worldwide system of commerce and trade and consumerism has changed the relationship between humans and the rest of the planet over the past few centuries. The movie looks at logical consequences if we continue to use this current system (based on infinite growth for its health), and also provides ideas for how to change it in order to make it serve the purpose of human contentment rather than merely acquisition.

A moderated discussion will follow the screening, with local free refreshments. We'll try to end up by 9 PM.
Please come and join us and bring your ideas and comments Friday, August 5th.

DDATT is a group of local citizens concerned about our dependence on oil for almost everything we do, and planning together how to restructure our towns to use less of it. For more info call 277-4221, 924-3638 or

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