Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tree and Plant Sale at the Piscataquis County Soil and Water Conservation District

Even though the snow keeps falling, we are starting to see and hear the signs of springtime! Now is the time to plan ahead for your orchards, gardens and natural landscape. The Piscataquis County Soil and Water Conservation District Tree and Plant Sale pre-order deadline is Wednesday, March 12th, with pickup dates from April 21st through 25th.
This year we are pleased to offer a variety of bare root stock trees and shrubs for landscaping, whether your passion is for flowering trees, rose bushes, native berry bushes or nuts! We also offer an abundance of orchard trees, including apples, plums, crabapples, and cherries, as well as companion plants to help your orchard thrive. We have strawberry bundles, blueberries, grape vines and even asparagus. Some plants provide both food and habitat for birds, mammals, butterflies and also bees, which are necessary for pollination. We have ferns, lily of the valleys, giant Solomon’s seal and other plants to enhance the shady areas in your yard as well as garden and tree peonies to add real show and fragrance to your sunny garden.
We also offer some medicinal plants such as Canadian wild ginger, lavender, and arnica, as well as plants that add winter interest like red osier dogwood and witch hazel. We are offering hard-cider apple collections, as well as a hybrid plum collection, to help get your new orchard started. We have also added hops to our offerings for those of you who like to brew your own beer! Special this year, we have a limited supply of locally grown chestnut seedlings, both American as well as hybrid, to help repopulate the chestnut trees that were taken by blight 100 years ago. As Piscataquis County is on the outer edges of the chestnut trees original region, successful  re-establishment of these stately trees is currently underway in our region, and landowners are encouraged to get involved in this effort. Most of our offerings are hardy to zone 4 so they should be well adapted to our area.
Creative and functional landscaping not only can prevent or eliminate problem areas on your land or adjacent water, but also can enhance the value of your home. Erosion control plants may be necessary for steeper areas of your property, areas adjacent to water bodies for prevention of runoff, and any area where there are no existing plants to help keep the soil in place. Our selection of native Maine plants can also be used to create beautiful rain gardens.
Rain gardens are designed to utilize water from roofs, driveways and other hard areas to control runoff problems and to protect water quality. They are not only functional, but are also attractive additions for a welcoming landscape. Our landscape helpers include Plantskydd Organic Animal Repellent, Recycled Rain Barrels, Kitchen Pails and Garden Composters as well as Biodegradable Mesh Tree Protector Sleeves. Plantskydd is effective against deer, rabbits, voles, moose, chipmunks, and squirrels. It offers over-winter plant protection for up to 6 months! No other repellent lasts as long. Plantskydd is ORGANIC - the first animal repellent to be OMRI listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute for organic food production. It is made in the USA.

For more information about the wide variety of plants and products available through this fundraiser that supports our educational programs, please contact the district office at 564 - 2321, extension 3, email us at or stop by the United States Department of Agriculture Service Center in the Pine Crest Business Park at 42 Engdahl Drive, Dover – Foxcroft, Monday through Friday, 8am until 4:30pm.

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