Monday, October 1, 2012

October meeting

Reminder: Monthly meeting Tuesday, October 2nd at 6:30 pm at the Fossa General Store upstairs. Board members and interested people are invited. 

Cheryl Hajek, certified Quickbooks Adviser will be on hand to talk about our financial structure, P&L projections, POS systems, etc.
We will go over the P&L Projection spread sheet and ask for your thoughts and the Biz Plan that was done recently.  Fred D. and I worked about 6 hours on it last Wednesday and it is getting better and better.  We will explain.
Fred wants to ask about Capitol Gains (I think) and how we will handle them but Cheryl will be able to help that too.

We also will be talking about when construction can begin and about our private lender. At this point we are still waiting on the Town of Dexter audit year 2011 to be done and filed with the state.

I will go over the findings Richard Frank & I have found at the Kitchen Warehouse places and where we stand on both Grants.  I want this finished THIS week.

Darlene Bagley and I have been searching online for recycled bags for the store. IDEAS?   Lots of details that need to be decided on.
AND a big item is our LOGO!!!

I am making some calls to find an artist, I know Dave P. is very busy.  BUT we have to have it soon!!!  it will be on our invoice, labels, our Sign, shopping bags, t-shirts, etc and we have to get it now and not later.

I will try to have coffee available for the meeting and dress warm :)

Call if you have any questions or thoughts.

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