Thursday, September 15, 2011

latest news & goings on...

Hi farmers and friends,
I thought I would update you on what we have been up to recently.
Last week we met at the Fossa Store for our 1st meeting at that location.  Roger and I hooked up some temporary lights over our conference table so it was very cozy!  We had both regular attendees as well as a new person and some that haven't attended in awhile.  Good to see everyone.

Donna noticed in the back corner we had another 'wet area' in a wall panel that I addressed with GC Steve Wood on Thursday on location.

We discussed the pros and cons of different flooring, insulation choices and other building materials that need to be chosen soon before we put the bids packages out.
We are also looking for volunteers to help get the floor done on the 2nd floor so we can get our office furniture upstairs and be ready to start construction on the 1st floor.  If you would like to help please email or call me.

Ernest Rollins invited us to have a table at Garland Days and Sandy Daigle volunteered to help me with that on Saturday, Sept 10th.  FUN!

On Thursday, I met with Steve Wood to address the wet wall issue and he is contacting the subcontractor again to fix it.  But he and some crew are coming soon to work on the siding with a special product (nails and sealer) provided by the siding manufacturer.  They will go up on the roof and see what is causing the leak, but he thinks it may be where our building is joined by the building next door.  They thought they had that fixed, but it may be seeping in and around the bricks on the building next door.  Better to find out now and fix than later after the walls are put up.

Steve Wintle put together a last minute meeting with a couple GeoThermal repsWednesday afternoon at the store.  Roger, Fred S., Darlene and I are met them.
We would love to be as green as possible but it also has to be affordable.  Steve is going to work up some figures and go from there, but it was very interesting to learn about another heat source.

I was invited by Carlee Davis of Mayo Hospital Diabetes Support Group to be the guest speaker at Dexter Health Care today to talk about the Dexter Community Farm Project.  .... spreading the word!

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