Saturday, August 6, 2011

Need your support!

We are working on a USDA Value Added Producer Grant  that will help with working capitol to start up the store.
We "letters of support" from farmers, organizations, groups, businesses... PLEASE can you do one and ask others who believe our project is worthy of the grant.
Suggested verbiage to help you write the letter is below if you need it...

fill in where appropriate with your info or someone else s that will send the letter...
this is an example....


Dave Pearson
Town of Dexter
23 Main Street
Dexter, Me 04930


Please accept this letter of support for the Town of Dexter's application for USDA Value Added Producer Grant for the Dexter Community Farm Project.  As you know, I strongly support the application and the project as a whole.  With such economic distress in Dexter, it is important to redevelop the local economy based on the community's strengths; this project does just that.

While the economic impact will be significant, there are other benefits that will result from its successful implementation of the project.  Not only will the region consume more locally grown produce and goods, the food itself will be healthier. 

Furthermore, the other programs and services offered through the project will go a long way to address other long term and important parts of the growing regional food economy in the greater Dexter area.

(( tweak the stuff above a little add some stuff here that is pertinent to your org and its mission)).

your name
organization farm or affiliation

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